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Why Costa Rica?

We are true believers in biophilia: the love of humans for nature.

We are a part of something bigger

We’re true believers in biophilia: the love of humans for nature. Costa Rica, perhaps more than anywhere else on earth, makes it easy – in fact, inevitable – to connect with and enjoy the natural world. Nature here is intense and difficult to ignore. It’s easier to remember our connection to the earth when rain comes down by the bucketful, ants walk to work alongside us carrying their leafy burdens, and plants grow to exuberant heights from the fertile soil.

Costa Rica became an environmental pioneer by setting aside more than a quarter of its tiny territory as protected land. What’s more, it’s a country of peace, having made history by abolishing its own army in 1948. Visiting Costa Rica means experiencing not only extraordinary biodiversity, but also a people committed to education, conservation and what we call pura vida – pure life. Costa Ricans value wellness and tranquility, and those values rub off on all those who visit.

There’s a reason Costa Rica has become renowned across the globe for conservation and ecotourism. However, for travelers seeking a truly authentic experience that supports ecosystems and local providers while maintaining the highest standards of quality, building an itinerary can take some research. At Unplug, we’ve traveled all over our native land and are eager to share our favorite spots with you.


More than 27,6% of its land is protected

Nested in the middle of the Americas, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, with over 800 miles of marvelous coastlines and with more of the 27,6% of its territory protected in national parks and reserves. Read More

One of the greenest energy grids on Earth

Over 98% of the country’s electricity is generated from renewable sources. Read More

One of the most bio-diverse countries

Costa Rica represents only 0.03% of Earth’s land surface and holds more than 4% of the planet's biodiversity. Read More. The Osa Peninsula, in the South Pacific coast is home to half of all the species in Costa Rica, that's 2.5% of planet’s biodiversity, living on only the 0.00000085% of the Earth's total surface area. Read More

Happy Planet Index

Costa Rica has ranked #1 several times on the Happy Planet Index. Read More

One of the five Blue Zones in the world

Nicoya, Costa Rica is one of the five Blue Zones in the world. Blue zones are where people live longer, healthier lives than anywhere else on Earth. Read More